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Good Food Life is written by me, Gabriel Avila-Mooney, a writer and home cook living in Seattle Washington.  I am also the communication and information specialist for Full Circle Farm, as well as being an avid member.  Full Circle Farm is a member supported, certified organic farm, located in Carnation, Washington, that provides a Farm-to-You box program for the people of the greater Puget Sound area, as well as Alaska.  I am writing this primarily for other members of Full Circle, but also for other lovers of good, fresh, organic food.

When I became a member of Full Circle, before I started working and writing for the farm, it changed me.  It changed the way I ate, the way I shopped, the way I planned, the way I looked at food and cooked with food. Now, after working for the farm, I’ve actually met the men and women that grow my food, I’ve shook their hands and laughed, smiled and walked with them through the fields.    I’ve watched them scuttle around in the wind and rain, stand and shake in the early morning fog and arch their backs to stretch up toward the bluebird sky.  It has made my food taste better. It has changed me for the better.

To know where your food comes from, or at the very least to trust the person who brings it to you is wonderful.

But what do you do when the food arrives? When you wake up, as I do on Wednesday morning, open the door and pull inside this cornucopia of goodness? Or when you, after a hard days work, drop by your Host Site and grab a full, heavy box of produce, bring it home to the kitchen counter and unwrap its plentiful bounty?  What next?

I have been lucky enough to have spent over half my working-life inside some wonderful restaurants.  When I wasn’t writing, I’ve been cooking, both for a living, beside inspiring and incredible chefs, and on my own for friends and family.  I spend hours reading food blogs, scouring recipe books and marveling at the creativity of chefs near and far.  But I also know, that it can be a daunting task, in our hustle of modern days, to cook at home, with family, friends or just alone.  Even with my years of on-the-job training it still takes some quick searches through some of my favorite blogs, talking with other lovers of good food and often, calls to my mother and grandmother to sort out some exciting things to do with 3 pounds of carrots, or some steadily withering citrus.

But I’ve committed myself to eating organic food, grown on certified organic farms, that support sustainable agriculture.  I’m committed to eating as locally as possible, given the season, and to compost only that which I absolutely can’t use.  AND I’ve done it! It’s not easy, but it’s not a struggle either.  All it takes is a healthy dose of planning, a bit of creativity and some great resources that are only a few clicks away.

Together we can not only eat fresh, healthy, organic food, support our local food system, local farms and their communities, but we can actually take the time to enjoy it all!

This for me is what we, at Full Circle, call living the Good Food Life. It is eating simply.  Eating healthy.  Eating fresh and above all  – taking the time to enjoy life.

In the future I hope to have guest writers, to touch on other subjects that are important to a healthy understanding; nutrition, food systems, food politics, the joys of farming and stories of farmers who are out there doing what they love so that we can enjoy feeding those that we love.  But that’s for later.

For now, I am happy to begin anew.  I’m happy to open my box of food and begin living the Good Food Life.