When I received my Fresh This Week email today from Full Circle and saw that Washington corn was ready, I immediately thought of one thing – creamed corn.  Seriously, creamed corn! Now this is not the canned creamed corn of 50s modern mechanization, what I have in mind is silky smooth, sweet and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper to bring out our local corn’s best qualities.  (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.)

If I’m having creamed corn I’ll need to fire up the grill to get that roasted flavor, either that or roast it in the broiler of the oven, but if the grill’s going, I might as well also make some burgers right?  My burgers are usually more like meatloaf than actual burgers, but with the quality and flavor of Heritage meats I’m going simple and easy – just lightly oiled with salt and pepper (maybe a little cheese to top it off!)

Well, that only leaves on thing. What’s for dessert? In keeping with quick and easy, I think a little warm crisp made with fresh blueberries and peaches, laid over some cold vanilla ice cream is in order.

Now, one full meal isn’t hard to plan for, but when it comes to the rest of the week I like to just think in terms of dishes than meals, as most full meals make left-overs that last for another day or so.  Just a quick glance at what’s fresh this week gives me a few ideas (your box contents may look slightly different as I have a permanent exemption for plums, which gave me the double peaches, and each delivery area get’s slightly different varieties based on quantities available from the farm) –

Red Leaf Lettuce                                           Red Beets
Green Kale                                                   Mixed Summer Squash
Savoy Cabbage                                            Cucumbers
Red Radishes                                                Baby Bok Choy
Donut Peaches                                              Blueberries
Peaches                                                       Apricots

For example:

  • The beets in my box will most likely get roasted, I love roasted beets, or sliced raw and jarred with vinegar, dill seed, peppercorns and bay leaves, 24-48 hours later they make a great addition to salads or just tasty snacks.
  • Baby Bok Choy, savoy cabbage and summer squash will get tossed into a stir fry, so I’ll need to order some carrots, ginger, garlic and scallions.
  • And my good friend kale, a staple any time of the year when you’re living in the Northwest, can always be quickly braised as a side dish or simmered slow and low to make southern style greens.
  • Cucumbers I’ll most likely make a Greek salad out of or some English tea sandwiches.

So, what do I need to add to my order through Full Circle’s online Green Grocery to make next week’s feast an easy success (and save myself at least one trip or two to the grocery store)?

Corn for my creamed corn and I’ll sub out one of the peaches for onions, as well as order some heavy cream – I’ll probably use some garlic in there too, and it’s just a good staple to have around the house.

Ground beef for burgers, I’ll get lettuce in my box, but will need a couple of tomatoes, and I’ll go ahead and sub out the apricots for carrots and order some ginger for my stir fry.

While I’m at it I’ll pick up some Rosemary bread as well as Mt. Townsend’s New Moon, which is a great eating cheese and melts to creamy smoothness on burgers. Whew! A couple of clicks and I now have most of the groceries I need for the next week.

So that gives me at least two meals, with leftovers for the next day from each and a couple of dishes for the other days! Hopefully that will keep me away from a rush-hour market run until Thursday or Friday and by then I might as well treat myself to a night out on the town!

When I get my box – I get mine Wednesday morning – I’ll show you an easy and quick recipe for outstanding creamed corn!