Here’s my box contents for this week:

Baby purple carrots – purple? May have to pickle these.

Farmer’s Choice of lettuce – yum.

Spinach – maybe for salad, or wilted with some fresh basil.

Yukon gold potatoes – Oooh, potato salad anyone?

Italian Parsley – garden fresh parsley, hmm, how about chimichurri?

Cucumbers – salad

Escarole – to the grill with you!

Lacinato Kale (seen below) – that’s the curly kind, also called dinosaur kale, great braised, or finely julienned in soups or salads.

Pluots – I’ll probably sub these out.

Nectarines – grilled, sprinkled with a balsamic reduction and put over ice cream.

Donut Peaches – or maybe with these instead, or both.

Apricots – might sub these guys out for something else.

Okay, so there’s the box. And for my Green Grocery order I’ll have to get some granola to go with the Grace Harbor yogurt I still have (this seriously is the best yogurt ever!). I’ll also have to order some bread, maybe the sourdough this week, I got the rosemary last week and it was awesome. I’m feeling like some pork, so maybe the clover bundle, that way I can get the pork steaks, which make great carnitas, the pork roast, which you just can’t beat a pork roast, and the ginger pear sausage, which I love with my eggs for Sunday breakfast.

As far as the meal planning goes… let’s do something around the escarole.  Escarole is a variety of endive (think wild lettuce) whose leaves are broader, more pale and less bitter than some other endives. I love julienning escarole into salads, or as a bed under seafood, especially after grilling to bring out its natural nutty flavor. Which gives me a great idea, I haven’t made ceviche in a while and I have a lot of shrimp in the freezer.  So, I’ll add some lemons and limes to my Green Grocery order as well as sub out those apricots for some avocados.  I’ll need some cilantro, as well as red onion and scallions.

For dessert a bottle of rosé wine and nectarines will make a lovely sorbet, and I’ll order some fresh mint to accompany that (use the rest for mojitos!)  This is a great way to use your stone fruit, you can also make granitas our of them, as a co-worker of mine suggested – though beware, she says they are totally addictive, I can’t imagine why?