Besides my reoccurring exemption of plums/pluots for avocados, I don’t think I’ll change a thing in next week’s box contents:

  • The red leaf lettuce is awesome for salads, as are the cucumbers and carrots.  The rainbow chard is great braised with the onions and garlic or just quickly blanched and cooled and used as a basis for a wild rice salad.
  • The squash and rapini are both wonderful grilled, and I just can’t let good grilling weather go to waste, especially with fall right around the corner.
  • Avocados I often end up putting in salads, eating with breakfast, or making guacamole for guests –  I could stand and eat them with a spoon they are so good.
  • As far as the nectarine, peaches and grapefruit goes, well… granitas, sorbets or just broiled grapefruit with brown sugar for a Sunday breakfast should make quick work of those.

Out of all the great stuff in the box this coming week I think I’m most excited about the rapini and squash.  The squash I will definitely pan-sear or grill, or I might make a summer salad out of it after grilling. But, I think I’d like to focus on the rainbow chard as the theme for next weeks recipe.

Chard can be cooked many different ways and used in a wide variety of dishes to add texture, flavor and nutrients. As most of the ingredients for next weeks box seem well suited for a summer salad I’ll use grilled or pan-seared summer squash, rainbow chard, onion, garlic and wild rice to make a cool , nutritious summer salad.

As for my Green Grocery order: Ground beef for burgers, rosemary bread for buns, and I just have to try out our first Good Food Combination and get the Tomato, Basil and Fresh Mozzarella! As you can’t have a good Caprese salad without good olive oil, and since I”m running low on the Spanish oil we usually use, I’ll have to get a bottle of the Sicilian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well.

In next week’s post, along with a recipe for grilled squash, wild rice and rainbow chard salad, we’ll talk about some other fast and tasty ways to prepare chard, as well as some southern favorites for those that like a slow-cooked style!