I saw one ingredient in next week’s box and it kindled a thought that I must admit is no small feat. The thought was of a Korean condiment, the tangy, the spicy – kimchi. And the savoy cabbage in next week’s box might just make a go at it. But as kimchi takes some time to sit and marinate, I better come up with something more timely and we’ll see how the kimchi idea stews.

So, much like last week, I don’t think I’ll change anything in my order. Maybe switch out something for avocados, but I can’t think of what. Here’s the run down.

  • Green leaf lettuce – staying with the kimchi theme (I know, I just can’t let it go) I’ll maybe get some Korean short ribs, garlic, serranos, bean paste and have a little Korean barbecue with some friends.
  • Baby red beets for quick pickling after roasting or maybe in a salad.
  • The chard for a side, or in a salad – I promise I’ll do a salad this time! Most likely the cukes too, though cucumber boats sound enticing – filled with a sort of Greek feta, tomatoes and fresh oregano in a garlic aioli.
  • The savoy cabbage will go to kimchi and the carrots and onions will be required for that too. (By the way, if anyone has a good recipe for kimchi, let me know – otherwise I’m off to my favorite Korean barbecue place to see if I can talk them out of one.)
  • Which takes us to fruit and since my friends are loaning me their ice cream maker, I think some variants are in order. Cantaloupe-peach, maybe pluot-nectarine? We’ll have to see.

Well that’s it for the box.  I’m going to throw in some fresh pasta, as the spinach pappardelle is great with a light tomato and basil sauce. I’ll need to add some eggs to my order, some heavy cream for ice cream, some chilis, cilantro, bread and maybe a clover bundle. Jerry Foster’s pork is incredible, especially the pork steaks. I cooked the last batch on the grill then braised them slow for a couple of hours until they were ready to fall apart. Basted them again and browned them on the grill. Used my homemade chimichurri sauce to dip them in. They brought many compliments to our humble household.

I’m hungry already, it must be lunchtime. I haven’t settled on anything in particular for next week’s recipe, but I’m sure something will pop out at me. Like kimchi!