Next week’s box looks delicious. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I need to get to some planning for dinner tonight, since my brother is in town. I have four brothers, and three of them have taken their turn in the kitchen.  Only one is still making a living at it, but they are all great cooks and complete foodies. The last time my brother cooked dinner for me it was orange glazed duck breast that he was making for some cooking competition. The first couple I thought were amazing, but by the sixth breast I could care less I was so stuffed.  I don’t think he won with that recipe, but it was a pretty amazing experience just getting the recipe right.

So tonight I’m going to break out the short ribs, bean paste, lettuce and my homemade kim chi. That and a big bowl of rice should get everyone stuffed.  Uwajimaya has an incredible assortment of side dishes that will accent the meal and give everybody that sweaty but happy chili pepper face. A few bottles of Hite and some soju and we’ll be smiling serenely in no time.

As for next week –

Bibb Lettuce – I’ll make a buttermilk blue cheese dressing with some of the Two-Faced Blue from Willapa Hills Creamery to go with this delectable lettuce.

Spinach – I think the spinach in a peanut sauce will go well with this along with some tofu and sauteed bell peppers, possibly some white carrots in garlic sauce since the white satin carrots are a sub.

Green Kale – Okay, finally the wild rice and kale salad. I swear.

Golden Yukon Potatoes – I love these potatoes, I may have to save some of the blue cheese to melt over these mashers.

Broccoli – With the broccoli, cabbage, onions and celery I think a stir fry is in order.

Yellow Onions – Stir fry.

Celery – Ditto.

Napa Cabbage – Stir fry and more kim chi!

Avocados – Just for eating.

As for the fruits, we have yellow flesh nectarines, peaches and I’ll sub out the apples for white carrots. The stone fruit will make more sorbets, granitas or just mixed in with my yogurt and bananas for morning smoothies.

That will do for a few meals. I may have to order some more seafood as the shrimp and scallops were incredible.  I think some halibut and salmon is in order. I also want to try the new jam, the tripleberry sounds great and Sakuma Brothers are an awesome family farm!

And for next week – Wild Rice and Kale Salad! Have a great weekend, thank you to everyone who has commented, I’ll talk to you next week!