Here’s my list of box contents for next week, unmodified:

Green leaf lettuce

Red beets

Red chard

Bunched carrots

Red radishes



Savoy cabbage

Valencia oranges


Ruby Grapefruit

Gala apples

I’ve been so swamped lately with various chores, appointments and work, I haven’t even had a chance to think about next week’s meal planning until really –  right about now. I know that in our modern day, eating often takes back burner. It seems much simpler at times to leave things last minute and just figure something out on the fly than to plan ahead and construct a group of meals for the week. When I find myself against the wall, and I’m staring at my list thinking, what should we eat next week, my fall back is usually – the roast chicken.

The nice thing about a roast chicken is that it lasts for days. The meat is at least two meals in my house (and a couple of lunches) and the roasted carcass goes to make stock, enough to make one big batch of soup that will provide at least another two meals.  That, a loaf of bread, and some cheese and I’ve already got a head start on the week.

The blessing with my Farm-to-You box is that it comes no matter what, and therefore it becomes the basis of my eating habits.  I’ll sometimes order some beef, or seafood, or buy a roasting chicken, but it always comes as a supplement to my box. Unlike my past eating habits I am now veggies and fruit first. A paradigm shift that makes all the difference in my health as well as my consumption of energy.

So roast chicken it is, and a loaf of rosemary bread, some ‘Valley Doe’ cheese from River Valley Ranch will get me some tasty fixings for sandwiches, maybe with some grilled escarole and buttered radishes. I’ll switch out my ruby grapefruit with Yukon golds, as I have some from last week and then will have enough to make some roasted potato and cabbage soup. Not that I wouldn’t eat some Gala apples, I think some treviso radicchio would be better appreciated around my house, so will sub for those.

The Valencia oranges are tasty, but I could use some shallots for the soup, and plus that makes my box all Northwest! You have to love that. I’ve also been wanting to try the new cut pork chops. Jerry Foster’s hogs were getting pretty big recently, making Tracy, our artisan butcher, cut the chops fairly thin to meat our 13oz cut. Now they should be getting smaller – and a better, thicker chops ensues.

So I think that’s it. Should be enough for me to get at least five, if not six meals planned out.  Plus I’ll roast the beets, maybe even some of the radishes (roasted radishes are awesome!), braise the chard, roast the carrots and use some in a light salad. Next week I’m thinking a fantastic potato and cabbage soup is in order! Have a great weekend.