You ever wonder who that person is that appears in the middle of the night like a kindly organic tooth fairy and leaves that beloved box of goodness on your porch? Well I’m going to find out! This Sunday I’m going to help out as a Full Circle delivery driver. I’ve always wondered how each box gets to the house that ordered it  – and how those drivers find their way around? I can’t wait.

Thanks to Chris Doyle, Full Circle’s Director of Operations, I get to take my turn behind the Full Circle wheel and get a first hand look at the crazy graveyard shift of delivery driver. I’ll start at 8pm Sunday night and end at 6am Monday morning! My co-pilot will be taking pictures and I hope to fashion some sort of video-cam helmet to give you a bird’s-eye-view. I’ll also give you a full report upon my return.

As far as next week’s box goes, it’s looking pretty tasty:

Red Leaf Lettuce              Delicata Squash
Baby Golden Beets          Cucumbers
Baby Bok Choy               Amber Jewel Plums
Red Potatoes                   Nectarines
Arugula (Greens)             Yellow Peaches
Bi-Color Sweet Corn        Gala Apples

For some reason, the first thing I thought of when looking at my content’s list was – borscht. One of my friends was proposing we trade our usual bi-monthly Korean BBQ-fest for a Russian feast.  Apparently, there is a good Russian restaurant in Kent that serves plenty of traditional Russian fare as well as a good glass of kvas, which apparently, according to one Yelp reviewer, “is like drinking a glass of sunshine, if sunshine tasted like apple slices stacked on top of a good dark toasted rye bread.”

With all this Russian goodness looming ahead I thought, why not try a traditional Russian borscht, but with golden beets instead of red ones and see how it stacks up to the real thing? It was always the deep blood-red color of the soup that gave me pause – though you can bet it never stopped me. All I need to sub or add to complete the ingredients list is some onion, potatoes (which are in the box), carrots, cabbage and fresh dill.

The other thing that jumped out at me is the delicata. I love me some squash soup. A good creamy roasted squash soup with a dollop of creme fraiche is a joy to the senses.  Plus, it’s just a good way to welcome the fall season. One of my other favorite fall dishes is succotash. A simple mixture of the ‘three sisters’ – which in farming terms refers to the practice of planting corn, beans and squash together- which are sauteed in an onion, garlic and stock base. Delicious and nutritious – Get a head-start on the week by cubing and roasting them right on arrival, then place in Tupperware in the refrigerator until your meal plan calls for them!

Now that I’ve borrowed my friend’s ice cream maker every stone fruit that comes my way gets blended and made into sorbet, though I’d like to try some traditional peach ice cream.  So, I’ll order some top sirloin, bread, more grace harbor yogurt, heavy cream for the ice cream and some of CB’s peanut butter -which is awesome, nothing but peanuts with a creamy/crunchy texture that you just can’t find in other peanut butters – from Green Grocery and I’ll trade out the apples for carrots – for the borscht, and the cucumber for green beans – for the succotash.

Next week – The inside scoop on the midnight delivery life AND Golden Borscht!