This is a shot of Liberty Bell near dusk at Rainy Pass in the North Cascade National Park taken earlier this week. The larch were just starting their fall march down the hill. The cool crisp nights, getting down near 40 degrees and the intensity of the Milky Way streaking across the night sky was incredible and made me anxious for winter’s arrival. It also gave me just the right amount of sun and warm forest days to feel content in embracing fall’s arrival. I’m actually looking forward to holing up on rainy days in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of hot cider. This coming week’s box is perfect cabin food:

Broccoli                         Romaine

Baby white turnips          Kabocha squash

Collard greens                Red flame grapes

Leeks                            Sun yellow peaches

Spinach                          Bartlett pears

Red bell peppers            Golden delicious apples

The right mix of greens in their prime, a taste of winter squash, some leeks for soups and fruit for pies, crisps or tarts. I’m thinking some Hungarian Beef Stew is in order this next week, for which I’ll need some top round steak, a few onions and carrots – which are both subs. The sweet paprika I have should work fine and I’ll roast the red pepper under the broiler for a fresh bright roasted flavor.

Another soup I’ve been dieing to make is roasted squash and leek soup. The recipe is on the farm notes this week, with frizzled leeks as the garnish. I might add some roasted turnips into that recipe, just for the added earthy flavor. Served alongside a spinach salad with grape slices and a red wine vinaigrette, some roasted pecans on top and I’ll call that meal done.

The golden delicious apples are great this time of year, so I’ll have to try the traditional Tarte Tatin recipe. You just can’t beat a one-pan method. The pears I’ll sub out for some carrots and the peaches will go into lunches, granola or smoothies. I have plenty of lettuce, so the romaine may become some green beans. I’ll need some bread from Green Grocery and one of the Lasagna packs, which basically takes care of about two to three meals. That should get us through the week, with maybe one night out and a few miscellaneous trips for lunch stuff.

I also have a recipe for Pork Vindaloo that I’ve been meaning to get to. It’s from Cook’s Illustrated Winter 2010 issue, Soups and Stews, and is filled with some great recipes. This one has a wide array of spices involved, but nothing more exotic than cardamom. The recipe calls for Boston butt, but our country style ribs have plenty of fat and meat  for this dish. So, looks like I better add some pork to my order too. That’s probably too much, for one week, but I can always keep it in the freezer until next week. Besides, it’s always good to have options!

Next week – Hungarian Beef Stew or maybe some Pork Vindaloo!