When people used to ask me what my favorite holiday was I’d say Thanksgiving, easy. There’s lots of eating, napping, drinking and playing games with my siblings, friends and other family. As time went on it remained my favorite, but the last few years my mother has passed the preparations on to her sons, all of us chefs at one time or another, content to have herself a glass of wine and relax.

I don’t remember when this shift happened. I think she just got sick of us sticking our noses in her kitchen. I think one too many times of hearing, “I wouldn’t do it that way,” or “I know this great recipe for cranberry sauce that uses fresh cranberries” finally got to her. Now her boys take over, pushing each other around, delegating, instructing and generally making controlled chaos out of the whole event.

But, the food is fantastic and what we’ve lost in laying around time we’ve gained in the pride of a meal well made. This year will be a test more than others, as our appreciation for food has moved past merely quality and become interested in sustainability. My mother already complained about buying a $100 turkey, no matter what its golden provenance.

It really is a good thing that it’s only once a year and that the majority of the dishes will be supplied through my Full Circle box. In fact, I’m already planning the dishes out and figuring out just how much I can get from my Farm-to-Table box and what I’ll need to go elsewhere for. The staples I will count on – potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, green beans, carrots, pie pumpkins, onions, herbs, parsnips and some good old fashion palate-cleansing salad (a little roughage between servings).

But some things will have to be stocked up on through other sources. Its nice to know though that this year’s cost may be slightly higher than years past, but it will be well worth it.

The box is definitely moving towards the fall staples this week and I’m ready to roll with it, though I did switch out a couple of things –

Yukon Gold Potatoes                    Yellow Onions
Baby Bok Choy                           Purple Top Turnips
Collard Greens                            Arugula (Greens)
Broccoli                                      Fuyu Persimmons
Brussels Sprouts On The Stalk      Bartlett Pears
Cucumbers                                 Braeburn Apples

Valencia oranges for arugula and California romaine lettuce for Washington yellow onions. I’m so excited to see persimmons in the box, as well as more Brussels Sprouts on the stalk! Last night we just steamed the remaining sprouts with the skinned and chopped stalk and tossed them in some butter, salt and pepper – that was it, and they were delicious. I’m looking forward to some collard greens, simmered down with some back-fat and finished with sherry. I’ll have to get a shoulder roast special for that dish. The apples, pears and persimmons will go into a salad to be nestled on a bed of arugula, I might even throw some cucumbers in there as well.

I might need to add a chicken to this order, though I’ll be having bird soon enough it just sounds good with some potato and turnip mashers. Those baby bok choy’s are a great side or make for good veggie stir fry. I think for next week we’ll have to try some persimmon goodness. Maybe I’ll save some to go in muffins. I’ll add in some coffee, as we’re getting low, and of course, some Grace Harbor Honey Yogurt. Have a good weekend. Next week – Persimmon Muffins or Other Fall Fun.