So I’m going to forgo the usual box talk and give a quick shout out to the ‘new box.’ Full Circle’s new box, with the new look and design is far superior to the older boxes. It’s construction, I’m told, uses far less materials and is offset using carbon neutral wind power by the production company. Disregarding, for the moment, the new aesthetics – the box is lighter, uses less paper product, is made out of post-consumer waste and by health department standards, much safer than a multi-use option.

The only snag, it seems, is the use of tape on these boxes as opposed to the tape-less previous box. It’s not as easy to break down a taped box, especially if you don’t have something sharp on you, than the older version. Though I’ve found after testing multiple things that a set of keys works perfectly well. The teeth of the keys are just abrasive enough to pierce the tape and cleanly slice it free.

But what if you don’t have anything available? No keys, or a pen, or anything to use to pierce the tape? Try this method for hands-only tape removal and box breakdown –

Push sharply in on the side of the box

Slip your fingers under the exposed tape

Pull the tape up and off

Push sharply down on the box to expose tape

Grab exposed tape and pull down

Follow the tape around to the sides to remove

Continue removing tape

Flatten box and you’re ready to recycle