Alright, this is the box. The one we’ll cart over the pass to my mother’s house in Couerd’Alene, Idaho for Thanksgiving with the family. My bid for turkey day in Seattle fell short, as Grandma wasn’t up for the five-hour drive. So this box is the big one. And all of the staples are there –

Yukon Gold Potatoes x 2        Bunched Carrots

Broccoli                                Satsumas

Red Kale                              Pomegranates

Parsnips                               Salad Mix

Green Beans                        Celery

Sweet Potatoes

I’ve already double my Yukons and substituted sweet potatoes for apples. I’ve also added some cheese, the Cirrus from Mt. Townsemd Creamery is awesome and goes great with anything. I added some stuffing mix from essential and some oysters for oyster stuffing.

My sister wasn’t happy to hear it. She was already looking forward to Grandma’s stuffing. But I assured her that I was only making this for an additional stuffing, next to Grandma’s and not in place of – I think she would have killed me otherwise. I left the pomegranates and Satsumas for either a salad or maybe a satsuma and pomegranate mojito I read about.

The parsnips will go with the Yukons for mashers. Parsnips give mashed potatoes a great tangy and earthy flavor that just soaks up gravy. Green beans will go into casserole, a little bacon, some bread crumbs, mushrooms, cream, stock and cheese. I can taste it already. The celery and carrots will go into the stuffing, and with the salad mix for a refreshing salad – between servings of course. And the kale, well we’ll need the kale for roughage. I think my wild rice and kale salad would be a refreshing side.

And what’s for dessert you ask? A few chocolate bars – Fig, Fennel and Almond as well as the Dark Chocolate with Orange – and a pound of walnuts for a walnut tart with candied ginger and orange zest. I’ll make it a day ahead and snap a picture of it to show you here.

Remember that a little planning can go a long way this Thanksgiving and that most of the staples you love can be added to your box. Just don’t forget that almost everyone’s modification period ends on Saturday 20th at noon. Check your member pages for details on holiday changes.

Next week – Walnut and Candied Ginger Tart