Since I was out in the country without any internet or cellphone reception – which was glorious, by the way – I had to postpone my upcoming box plans until today. We were one of the unlucky few that were unable to receive our box last week. But it was understandable since our hill was covered in ice. Full Circle credited our account for this week, so we added some of the things we were excited about to this box!

Yukon Gold Roasting Potatoes
Bunched Carrots
Purple Top Turnips
Yellow Onions
Celery Root x 2
Green Leaf Lettuce
Treviso Radicchio

Since we got more than our share of the usual T-Day fixings, I had to do a little substituting for this week and add in some other of our fall favorites. I substituted our apples and pears for celery root and Treviso, both of which I just can’t get enough of lately. I think for our recipe this week we’ll just do simple baked celery root fries tossed in truffle salt. These are my favorite fries, even beating our the popular sweet potato fry that seems to be everywhere these days.

I’ve actually never tried frying them. So maybe we’ll do a taste test between the two, since I have a double order. Along with the fries we’ll pan sear some pork chops from Heritage Meats and some wilted Treviso radicchio. I can’t wait, I’m hungry already. Along with the pork chops I added some oysters to make some breaded and pan-fried oysters. I was going to make oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving with these tasty Hama Hama oysters, but I’m just as excited about this. Pan fried oysters need some roasted potatoes and turnips to go along with them.

The carrots I’ll mix with some pasture butter and honey and bake them until lightly browned, toss with lemon juice and fresh mint for a delicious side. The zucchini’s can be sliced in half, scooped out to form little boats and filled with leftover stuffing and turkey bits, then baked until tender. Maybe even a little gravy on top?

I didn’t get a chance to make my satsuma mojitos I wanted to over the holiday, so I might just have to take a swing at that this weekend.

I also threw in some staples – bread, yogurt, cheese, some chocolates and pasture butter. We recently received a french butter dish from my parents and I can’t wait to fill it with creamy, fragrant, organic pasture butter.

Besides the Treviso and celery root, I’m excited about the pomegranates and will have to try adding them to our salads, maybe a chilled broccoli salad with pomegranate seeds, golden raisins and candied walnuts. A light champagne vinegar dressing with just a hint of citrus would make this salad pop, that and some clumps of soft goat cheese.

So that’s what we have planned for this week. Wednesday we’ll whip up some celery root fries, both baked and fried and let you know who wins!