Okay, this is the weekend.

Christmas is fast approaching and my shopping is far from being done. This weekend I’m going to sit down and put in the time to make some home-made gifts. I’ve got a growing pile of satsuma mandarins just waiting to be zested and juiced for marmalade; a pound of carrots destined for carrot and candied ginger cake; persimmons, pears and apples all ready for a Moroccan lemon chutney; and a few special ingredients ordered for the consummate foodies in my life.

Truffle and Salt from Ritrovo for my brother, which still makes me gasp a little every time I open my jar that I got last year, and a stack of various organic and certified chocolates from Theo Chocolate, some for gifts and some for stocking stuffers.

Hopefully, my marmalade experiment goes well and I’ll share it here with you next week. I’ve collected a number of rather interesting jars from thrift stores and antique stores to store it and just need some ribbons and maybe a label or two. I have a couple of larger jars that would be perfect for cookie mix, layered into them for presentation. So time for me to get started!

Otherwise my box this week looks delicious. I didn’t sub anything out, though we still have all the fruit from this week, but I should use most of it this weekend in my gift making endeavors and we have company coming over Sunday so I’ll make use of what’s left in salads and crisps for everyone.  I might sub out the tomatoes for arugula as it goes great in a salad with persimmons, pears and blue cheese. I’m also going to sub out Avocados for mushrooms and eggplant for turnips. Though I love both and could easily fit them into our meals, this makes my box primarily locally grown and besides, I love turnips and mushrooms too!

So that makes my box look like this –

Cremini Mushrooms
Red Potatoes
Bunched Baby Carrots
Purple Top Turnips
Baby Bok Choy
Salad Mix (Cut Greens
Green Cabbage
Fuyu Persimmons
D’anjou Pears
Fuji Apples

I think a cabbage and potato soup, like the one in Full Circle’s Good Food & Recipes archive – La Soupe de Louviers, might be in order. I’ll just need to add some celery, fresh thyme and onions. I’ve also been craving a good pot roast. It’s been a while since I’ve made one and I think it’s about time. The carrots, potatoes, turnips and mushrooms will all happily accompany the roast as well, though I’ll need some garlic to shove into it to give it that roasted garlic flavor. The arugula salad I’ll make as a side and the fruit will go into salads and make some nice baked goods or more chutney.

I swear some weeks I think we could easily eat two boxes! When we first started with Full Circle it seemed like a chore to get through a box between the two of us. We found ourselves just eating home more often and making a meal out of three or four different dishes of greens, roots and fruit. Now, with a little planning and coordinating we easily make quick work of a standard box and our refrigerator is basically empty two days before we get our next box!

The other thing I find fascinating is I haven’t gotten really sick since I started eating organic food. In the last year I’ve been sick once and that wasn’t too bad. Granted it could be a number of things, but I like to believe that the good food I’m eating is doing its part to make me healthy and strong.

Have a great weekend and I’ll hopefully have a good marmalade recipe for you next week!