Christmas tenderloin anyone?

As excited as I am about every box, we won’t be around for this one. Not that it will go to waste, my parents are coming over to stay at our house while we’re gone, so hopefully they’ll be making use of all the great produce. In the meantime, we’ll be back east in Kentucky visiting my fiance’s family. And although organic farm fresh vegetables and fruit are a little harder to come by, they have quite the feast with what they can get.

It’ll take me some time to clean my body of the overload of sugar that invariably accompanies the holiday, but coming home and getting back into our routine of the box will be a good start. My Dad is a pretty good cook himself, and my Step mom usually makes this stuffed cabbage dish for Christmas. So, I’m going to leave them with my stuffed chard version of  her dish as well as a couple of my quick and easy sides to help them make good use of our box.

The box for next week looks great and we are nearing the empty mark in preparation for our departure. I don’t think I’ll change much out and just see what my Dad can do with the various veggies and fruits.

Avocados                      Green Leaf Lettuce
Yukon Gold Potatoes      Red Chard
White Turnips                Mandarins
Cremini Mushrooms       Pomegranates
Butternut Squash           D’anjou Pears
Baby Bok Choy             Pink Lady Apples

The butternut squash is perfect for roasting and soup, the Yukons for mashers with the turnips. The mushrooms are excellent roasted in the style of escargot, a recipe of which is coming in the box and the fruit can be sliced into salads or made into crisp or pies. I think I will change out the avocados for endive, it makes a great bed for seared tuna or sliced roast pork and goes well chopped into soups.

While I’m on the road I’ll try and keep my eye out for a Kentucky favorite recipe to share and get some picture to go with (maybe Derby Pie!?). People’s Christmas dinners are so varied and the Christmas goose is far less the staple celebration stand-by than the Thanksgiving Turkey. From stuffed cabbage to rib roast, each family’s tradition is as varied as the people involved. What is you family’s traditional Christmas dinner or if you don’t have a tradition, what are you making this year?