This really is the first box in the last few weeks I’ve had a chance to look at and contemplate what I’m going to cook. Everything else has been a jumble of holiday times, and work, and travel, so much so that ordering my stores for the week has fallen to the wayside. Especially with us not being home for Christmas. So this box is a return, our first box of the New Year and our transition box into a new healthier way of eating.

It’s true, after all the relentless snacking and cookie eating, I’ve managed to put on perhaps more than a few pounds. And all it took to bring me to this rather heady realization was one day on the slopes. Really my only exercise as of late and it left me ragged. Since I plan to continue riding far into my seemingly fattening future, I figure it’s best to start somewhere.

This bluebird Seattle day, crisp and cool but bright and blue, makes me ache to mount my bike and tear around the neighborhood, feel the heat in my legs and make my lungs burn for air. Then, in an exhausted but happy state I’ll return for dinner. Greens and more greens, the truly nourishing things, tossed easily in olive oil and various spices, finished with lemon juice and plated. Short grain brown rice, quinoa, pilafs, mung beans, daal and sauces made from cucumbers, yogurt and goat cheese.

With this trend in mind, I’m not changing much for next week’s box –  adding some more chard, some baby beets and a few grapefruits to feed to our new juicer. I threw in some multi grain bread, coffee and a Wild Rye bundle. We’ve already got some crab for the weekend, some smoked salmon for quiche and a pot roast to go with the New Year’s black-eyed peas.

But, that’s where I’m going, and I’m starting with this box. It’s the New Year and I’m not messing around. Okay, well, after this weekend anyway. So happy New Year everyone, it’s more greens and grains and less simple carbs and outright overeating from here on out. I promise. Come with me, it will be delicious.