I’ve been sort of slacking on the whole turkey thing. We are going out of town this weekend so I’m postponing until next. Which means I’ll need a good three day thaw time and a good 24 hr brine before the big day next Saturday. In the meantime I’ve created the meat monstrosity above. Blue cheese and bacon meatloaf thanks to our partners at Heritage Meats and Fine Cooking and their handy meatloaf machine, which they also have online and is less useful than the magazine directions, but cool nonetheless. The little brown piles on top are melted blue cheese. I realized post broil that I should have put them on afterward, but alas, live and learn. Though they tasted great, it sort of ruined the aesthetic of the bacon slices. At least this will hold off the turkey cravings for a day or so – and make some awesome sandwiches!

By the way – for any of you readers in Thurston County, as well as anyone in Spokane, I just found out that Full Circle is now ready to take members for their community pick-up sites in both areas. No home delivery yet, but once the members come rolling in – it won’t be far behind. So let any friends and family living in those areas know that they now have access to the good food life!

As for next week’s box –

Cucumbers                Green Leaf Lettuce
Purple Top Turnips      Lacinato Kale
Broccoli                      Navel Oranges
Yellow Onions             Mangos
Spinach                      D’anjou Pears
Cremini Mushrooms    Gala Apples

I’m pretty happy with everything as it is, though I might lose the mangos for something else. Not that I have anything against them, they just don’t seem to fit into my meal plan until it warms up a bit more. True barbecue times. There’s nothing like grilled mangos. I think what I’m most excited about in this box is the turnips. With a culinary heritage both lengthy and diverse there are plenty of recipes out there, but I’d like to find something different than my usual roasted turnips, turnip au gratin or turnip potato mashers.

I’ve seen a few crunchy style turnip and apple, as well as turnip and radish salads. I’m interested to try a citrus based turnip dish, but we’ll see how that goes. The broccoli is going into the Cheesy Broccoli and Rice dish, and the Lacinato will make some wild rice salad or braised kale and apple dish. I’ve been really enjoying my pan roasted mushroom lately, especially as an appetizer. With the spinach in the box I might add them to a spinach and mushroom quiche, which is quick, easy and can be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Also, remember that Full Circle’s Farm-to-Table Box Challenge begins Monday, February 7th at 9am. Check out the events tab on our Facebook page for details. Have a great weekend. Eat well, feel good.