I didn’t realize that my last post was missing something until I looked at the box list for this coming week – blood oranges. Now we’re talking. Oranges with a hint of raspberry, blueberry action. Plus just the obvious macabre of them – it just sounds gruesome. So I’m planning on making something delicious out of them, even if it is just a Blood orange sorbet or some simple salad. Too good to pass up.

I also realize I don’t have any pictures for you of our turkey. It is unjust, as it was an appreciated bird, lovely and delicious and deserved to be seen – if not worshiped and devoured with massive quantities of roasted garlic mashers and oyster stuffing – as it was. My only excuse was that I was hungry, my lovely guests were hungry and the camera, not being at hand, was forfeit to the glory of the moment. But it was glorious, believe me.

I couldn’t get the whole grill smoking thing going, or could have but it would have involved cutting the bird in half due to its gargantuan size. This, I just could not bring myself to do, no matter my insatiable craving for smoked meats. It turns out my barbecue is too small and they don’t make an attachable expander ring with optional rotisserie for my model, or at least they didn’t at my local hardware store.

Regardless, it was triumphant and had many happy returns throughout the week in various delectable guises. Like the turkey between two slices of whole grain with cranberry mustard and Swiss cheese or the turkey tetrazzini with brown butter breadcrumbs (my personal favorite). In fact, it was so thoroughly enjoyed I’ve decided that twice a year is not enough and plan on a summer turkey party as well. We’ll see how that goes over.

As far as next week’s bounty goes, here’s what I’m looking at:

Red Potatoes
Baby Spinach
Yellow Onions
Green Cabbage
Red Leaf Lettuce
Collard Greens
Blood Oranges
D’anjou Pears
Gala Apples

I’m leaving in my apples and pears because even without my juicer I’ve managed to work my way through about two weeks worth of fruit by myself, as my better half has been out of town most of this week. How did I do it you ask? I ate one piece of fruit for breakfast and took at least two pieces with me to work. It was actually amazing. I’ve never eaten so much fruit. But it is also delicious, and I had a lot of citrus – which is at its prime right now. So even though it seems like a lot it wasn’t and I thoroughly enjoyed how it made me feel.

I might sub out the tomatoes, as I’m a bit of a stickler for the delish ones in the summer, but everything else is well appreciated. The Baked Potato Soup recipe coming with the box is awesome and will well accommodate my russets. The spinach and arugula will either adorn our homemade pie (by that I mean pizza) or compose some lovely peppery salads, most likely with avocados and blood oranges!

For the green cabbage I’m thinking of trying my hand at some homemade sauerkraut. Julie from Firefly Kitchens has been using Full Circle’s red cabbage to make kraut and it sounds delicious, so I think this might be my next experiment in fermented foods. Though I am feeling another kimchi binge coming up.

The collards will go per usual, wilted, lemon juiced, a touch of garlic and shallot, olive oil, my favorite side. And for the pears and apples? Salads as well, or mixed in with the collards. All manner of eating awaits them and I’m hungry for their vitamin rich goodness. Hopefully it doesn’t snow and we continue to get these sunny, if cold, breaks in the rain and clouds.

For next week – Sauerkraut. Eat well, be happy.