Picture sent in by member Brit Saleeby Porter of the Braised Kale with Pancetta and Apples from Farm Notes


To tell you the truth I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had a moment to really look at this coming week’s box. This last week was greens and more greens, with salads, and sauteed kale, braised chards and gently wilted baby spinach. Sometimes these greens snuck their way into my breakfast and other times they were bold and bright piled high next to some delicious farro.

Either way they have become truly my favorite staple and quick go to fixing for any meal. This coming week’s fare is a little lighter with hints of spring. Those crafty farmers have somehow managed to fight the cold onslaughts that have pelted the West Coast and produce a semblance of spring. Radishes and baby spinach side by side with Rainbow chard and Russett potatoes.

I like these transition seasons. The nostalgia of waning flavors and anticipation of new arrivals is what eating close to the earth is all about. Just as I realize I’m close to eating the last sunchoke of the season, some little purple-headed french breakfast radish pops his head up to say hi. I’m going to ride that edge next week. Make the most of these waning winter flavors and make some shoulder season magic.

By the way – Congratulations to our Full Circle Box Challenge winners! Way to go on creating awesome and delicious recipes out of your Farm-to-Table boxes. We’ll be featuring one of the top recipes here in the weeks to come, I hope you’ll be as excited to try it out as we were to find it! First prize went to Angie Yusuf, for her delicious Supreme Potato Curry with Fruit Chutney, she’ll be receiving a bottle of Sicilian Organic Olive oil in her box next week. Also, a shout out to our two runners-up, Jennifer Peters and Pooravi Thaker, they’ll be getting a couple of choice gifts as well.

Keep your eyes open for our next Box Challenge and in the meantime eat well, be well.