Quick Soba Noodle Soup

My winter crossover to spring soup


The couple hours of daylight really makes a difference. It’s nice to be able to leave for work in the light as well as come home with a bit of waning daylight left. I can almost feel my body revving up and getting ready to shift out of hibernation mode and start stretching, moving an d getting ready for long warm days.

I know, it’s a bit early for such talk, but it’s hard to to be a little anxious once the spring change happens. All around trees are starting to bud, flowers to bloom and though Mother Nature has been less than kind lately, it feels that some relief is on the way. I for one have been using the extra daylight to repair and clean my grill.

Much maligned in the cold dark months – though not unused I assure you – it has started to rust and shed peels of paint onto the deck. I think maybe one more good year is left before a replacement is absolutely necessary. I hate to give up on it too soon – such good times we’ve had!

Although the box has yet to fill up with spring’s bounty, there are a few items that hint at good things to come. And I plan to make the most of it. Here’s what my default box is looking like this coming week:

Bunched Carrots
Snap Peas
Yellow Onions
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Chard
Navel Oranges
Minneola Tangelos
Ruby Grapefruit
Braeburn Apples

Seriously this box says one to me – it screams stir fry! I already added some shrimp from Surfin’ Seafood to my order just for this purpose. Their shrimp are huge, and tasty and best on the grill, but a quick flip in a hot walk with some sesame oil, shoyu and fish sauce makes them delicious.

Beyond that, we’re just going to wing it. Next week we’ll talk about some various dipping sauces for accenting everything from tempura battered veggies to steak and scallops. Have a great weekend!